Aftermarket heads are mass produced, this leads to valve seats that are cut rather quickly. For the regular rider, this is just fine, but for those who seak to have a nice seal in the chamber and that little bit extra a valve job is a must. These brand new heads came in and were machined with a 2-angle valve job. 

This is a 5.9L Cummins diesel head from a homegrown tractor pulling good guy who needed a quick skim off the top to make a good gasket seal. This is a common thing here at Exton's during the off-season of tractor pulling. Feel free to bring your head down so Chuck can put a straight edge and check to see if you have a good seal before you hook up to the trailer or sled. 

4G63T - Mitsubishi Bottom End Rebuild

Here is where we will give you an inside peak into past projects we have worked on. Chuck likes to keep things
​moving through the shop, so if you do not see any updates on your items, they are probably ready for pickup. 

Harley Heads

Diesel Heads​

The 4G63T Mitsubishi Eclipse engine came in for a bottom end rebuild. This process shows the decking, boring, honing and stud installation.  

Here is a mild N/A B18 custom rebuild including decking, rod-reconditioning, boring, honing and custom -AN block fittings. 

1947 Nash Rebuild

Honda Rebuild

Exton Automotive Machine Shop

2129 Willard Road, Canadensis, PA 18325

This 1947 Nash was brought in for a restoration style rebuild. Take a look through the process of cleaning, part inspection and rebuilding this engine to turn gears another day.