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(570) 595-9501

2129 Willard Road, Canadensis, PA 18325

The Exton Automotive Machine LLC nitro funny car is owned and driven by Chuck Exton. His "Wild & Crazy" nitro funny car in Canadensis, PA recently graduated from a blown alcohol funny car to a nitro methane powered funny car. The fastest pass was a 6.52 at 218 mph on a factory 1970s 427 dump truck 4 bolt main block and crank. Visit our Facebook page and YouTube videos to keep up with our continuing progress at Island Dragway
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Follow the link to see our featured in the last edition of Drag Racer Magazine January 2019: Drag Racer Magazine

Thank you fans for giving us another great season!

Well folks, it is 2020 and if 2020 taught us one thing it is that we should appreciate everything we have. 

Looking back at last season (2019) we hit Palm Beach Florida after front halfing the chassis to go a stout 4.20 in the 1/8th mile winning both rounds and only changing fluids and spark plugs. We then made our way up to New England Dragway with some nice sea-level air and ran a new career best 6.52 @ 218.

After hurting a transmission on our last run at New England we thrashed to get it ready and rebuilt for Island Dragway's anniversary. Going there we had issues down track where the car shook and made a move. Chuck got out of it with unimpressive numbers and Chuck finally found out what Keith Davidson's Bits'NPieces back end looks like. We put it in the box for an exciting 2020.

With 2020 upon us we only had two outings. One to test the and other to race. Our test session was only able to be two runs barely to 330 and had a bit of shake. With the race coming up, we went back to the shop, checked over things adjusted the tune and went for kill. 

Island Anniversary 2020 we had problems connecting to the track again with the car having a difficult time latching the body. Fast forward a few weeks and we found odd measurements of the cornering scale when the body was latched. Bringing it down to the chassis shop they put it on the frame machine and discovered a broken and bent bar in the front half. 

For 2021 we plan on coming out testing early with the freshened up chassis that will help plant the rear properly.

The same as the past years, we finished the season yet again only changing only piston rings, spark plugs and fluids. Everything else (yes rod bearings, stock Melling oil pump and the old iron 427) has remained the same and survived more 6 second abuse from Chuck's right foot.

The stock Melling oil pump once again has supplied the Dump Truck BBC 427 with over 18 hard 6 second runs keeping all parts lubed. After four years we still have yet to replace the bearings! When you have the best engine builder putting together a nitro team you get a solid program like we have. 

As always, let us know if you would like us to attend a car show, race, kids/pets birthday party, graduation, business party or other event.