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Exton Automotive Machine Shop

The Exton Automotive Machine LLC nitro funny car is owned and driven by Chuck Exton. His "Wild & Crazy" nitro funny car in Canadensis, PA recently graduated from a blown alcohol funny car to a nitro methane powered funny car. The fastest pass was a 6.60 at 208 mph on a factory 1970s 427 dump truck 4 bolt main block and crank. Visit our Facebook page and YouTube videos to keep up with our continuing progress at Island Dragway
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If you are interested in being marketing partners this upcoming season. Please email us at ExtonPerformance@yahoo.com or 

​call us at (570) 595-9501 if you are interested.

(570) 595-9501

At the start of the 2016 season the goal was to slowly walk the car down the track and find a tune-up to keep that old dump truck engine happy from staging lanes to return road. Well, at the end of the season we can say that we accomplished that goal and more!

We started testing at Island Dragway early on in the season gathering data. Our first match race was a 1000' match race again legendary Bruce Larson and the USA-1 funny car. This was a crowd pleasing race that looked straight out of the 1970s, complete with Bruce's signature dry-hops. This race allowed us to see the old boat anchor between the rails would hold the power we wanted to throw at it.

After waiting for the new T-shirt design to come in, we went to Lebanon Valley to fill in at the match race against one of the fastest blown alcohol funny cars The Time Bomb. The Bomb squad brought their A-game, but with Chuck stomping on the loud petal a few ticks before driver Bobby Toth, Chuck turned on the win-light with the first 200+ mph run with a holeshot winning 6.70 @ 204. After a short celebration at the top end, we went back to work to show that this was not a fluke. On run two, after some adjustments,  Bobby and Chuck duked out identical 6.60 runs, with Bobby getting the win light by 4 inches!

We finished up the season with a super secret last minute run at Island Dragway where Chuck pedalled a 6.96 @ 202 and then took it cleanly to a 6.73 @ 207. We are beyond happy with the results of this year and what will happen next year.

Thank you to the fans that supported us out on the race track! 

Please let us know if you would like us to attend a car show, race, kids/pets birthday party, graduation, business party or other event.